There are times that I need to individually zip a bunch of files.  That’s where this program comes in handy.

Zipper is a command line program to individually zip files.  In addition, like Sorter, it also has options to rename the files, replacing spaces with underscores and vice versa. 

"Why?" you ask?  Simple.  Some programs, such as emulators, can read their associated files in a zip format in order to allow hard drive space to be saved.  This program saved me a lot of time when I was setting up my entertainment center PC (after all, who wants to have a ton of old consoles sitting in the living room when you can put them in a single box?).  

Directions:  Add Zipper to your PATH.  Navigate to the directory containing the files you want to zip and run Zipper with any flags that you require.  Without any flags, Zipper simply zips the files

List of flags:

Notes: This program was tested with Ruby version 1.8

In order to run this program from source, rubyzip is required and the version that I used is included in my github link. The .exe, however, does not need any version of ruby installed.


Zipper 1.2.0 (.exe file)

Zipper 1.2.0 source (Hosted on GitHub)