During my career, I’ve mentored developers from those fresh out of bootcamp to senior developers on topics such as writing more secure, maintainable, testable code, TDD, and working in a more responsive, agile way so that they can deliver value faster and more consistently with fewer defects, less rework, and less time spent on-call.

I’ve written code in a variety of languages and platforms ranging from embedded software for large farm equipment (literally helping to feed the world with code), security hardened web apps for the Department of Defense, and code to open new markets for retailers and improve the security profile of a Fortune 50 bank.

I have experience working with teams from multiple cultures, have dealt with data privacy regulations from around the world and have lead a project with stakeholders on four continents. I also have experience in scaling out teams, going from a “team” of 1 to a team of about 10 and have experience in negotiating scope of both current and future products.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time working to improve not only the technical skills of the people on my teams, but also their morale, setting up social hours, arranging free-form coffee breaks for remote teams, and sending out daily puzzles so that people can take a moment to realize that they are still people instead of a cog in a machine.

I’ve given a number of talks on technical, business, and cultural topics where the audience sized ranged from 20 person teams to 200+ people at company conferences.

I’ve mentored business stakeholders on agile practices such as better ways to write user stories, thinking of a product or strategy in terms of vertical slices that can allow value to be delivered incrementally, and how to treat work on a product as a conversation rather than a list of requirements to throw over the wall and never think about again. I’ve even spent time working with both technical and business stakeholders on considering the security implications of business requirements, how they might possibly be exploited and how those exploits might be mitigated.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to speak with me about joining your organization, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you – my contact information is on this site. Links to my resume are below if you want a more traditional look at what I’ve done.

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