I have provided solutions for everything from small and medium businesses to embedded software on really large farm equipment for a Fortune 100 agri-business to full stack web development for the Department of Defense.

I have experience in developing using TDD and Agile methodologies. I have helped lead agile transformations and am used to leading most aspects of Agile projects (estimation, story card grooming, running stand ups and retrospectives, working with the product owner to prioritize the backlog, etc).

I enjoy mentoring other developers and consider it a rewarding part of my job. Additionally, I tend to be a calming and mediating influence on the teams that I am on.

I am a big believer in community and am a regular at various user group meetings.

Having grown up around business owners and managers as well as having been in a leadership position in a variety of situations, I have an understanding of business needs and practices as well as when existing practices get in the way and need to be changed. Add to this the facts that I quickly gain a firm grasp of the technical aspects of what I need to do, and that I can convey them in plain English for the less technically inclined.

If you wish to speak with me about a position or have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

References are, of course, available upon request.

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