o3 Magazine Issues

After a long period of only sporadic activity, o3 Magazine, the open source enterprise magazine that I was executive editor/editorial advisor of from October 2005 until June 2006, announced via its twitter feed in July 2009 that it was no longer going to be updated.

The website for the magazine no longer exists, so I thought it would be wise to offer up the past issues here so I can prove that it actually existed

I was actively involved in the magazine’s production from issue 1 until issue 3 or 4 (it was announced in issue 4 that I had left) plus a conference write up that never appeared in issue 5 since it was not released for several months after I left. However, I made it a point to snag each new issue as it came out just to take a glance.

I had thought about posting this archive on my website when the o3 site disappeared during their months-long redesign (yes, they apparently took the site down while they re-made it), but I decided not to. Now with their announcement that the magazine is not going to be continued and the disappearance of the site, I don’t really have an excuse not to make the issues available here.

So without further ado, here are the 9 pdf issues of o3 Magazine. There were also a few web only articles released after the o3 site redesign, but I’m only going to be posting the actual magazine issues.

Issue 1:

  • Google Honeypots
  • Intro to Open Source
  • Open Source Telephony
  • AppOS Security
  • Lighttpd Reviewed
  • Multi Layer Switching
  • Wifidog Captive Portal
  • Intrusion Detection (Intro to Snort and IDS)

Issue 2:

  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Rapid Web Dev
  • Asterisk / Ruby on Rails Integration
  • Mod_Security
  • On The Right Track (Using Rails to stay on budget)
  • SCTP vs TCP
  • PostgreSQL 8.1
  • Intrusion Detection

Issue 3:

  • Internet Infrastructure
  • Linux on the Big Iron
  • RTSP
  • Grsecurity Reviewed
  • High Performance Web
  • Mainframe Networking
  • Introducing dNMS
  • Intrusion Detection

Issue 4:

  • Secure Internet Solutions
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Why Prioritize Network Traffic?
  • RRDtool Demystified
  • Prioritizing Voice Communications
  • Deploying Open Source DNS
  • Linux Systems Management
  • Deploying Snort IDS

Issue 5:

  • Introduction to Python
  • A Quick Look at TurboGears
  • Deployment and Scaling
  • WiFi Security
  • Network Security
  • ATA Over Ethernet
  • Deploying T1s in Linux
  • Deploying Open Source Databases: MySQL

Issue 6:

  • Simple Appliance Stacks with LFS
  • Web Acceleration with Varnish Cache
  • Production Rails with Mongrel
  • Global HTTP Load Balancing with Nginx
  • Deploying PostgreSQL
  • Deploying Globally Distributed Rails Apps
  • Enterprise WiFi – The Thin Access Point
  • Secure Global Networks with OpenVPN

Issue 7:

  • Agile Business Practices and Concepts
  • Yoxel: Agile Product Management

Issue 8:

  • Building Secure Postfix SMTP Appliances
  • Using Dovecot for imapd/pop3d
  • Designing Scalable SMTP Networks
  • MobilityEmail – Replacing Outlook
  • Encrypting Mail Protocols
  • DSPAM to reduce storage requirements
  • Web based Email with RoundCube
  • Voicemail::Email Integration

Issue 9:

  • Open Source Publishing
  • Scribus – Open Source Desktop Publishing
  • Creating graphics for publishing with Gimp
  • OpenOffice – Collaborative Editing
  • Creating Newsletters with OpenOffice